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This is not the Official Colossus Home Page. This site is intended as a Fan Site to spread the word about Colossus and some Titan information. Colossus is the first Titan game clone that actualy works! I've loaded this page with information for those people who havent heard about it yet. Also, I am hoping this site is user friendly enough for less experienced persons to get some basic questions answered and the information they need to install the required files and get the game running. All Colossus game files and docs are linked to the Official Colossus site to make sure everyone has the most recent and complete list of files.
Colossus Game Information

COLOSUSS is a Java clone of the Avalon Hill: Titan™ boardgame. Colossus has been programmed in Java in order to support multiple operating systems. Currently the game supports TCP/IP networking. AI is currently in development and being refined(however it's kicks by butt every time), .

This program is freeware, distributed under the GNU public license, which is included in the file COPYING.GPL. This means that you have the right to make and distribute changes, as long as you always include the source code so that others can do the same. If you fix any bugs or add any features, please send the author copy so that he can fold them into the master code.

New - Icons added for use with your shortcuts, etc. in Win XP, OSX, and a Tiff version.
Thanks to Jerry Myers Download

If you have Java Web Start or an equivalent JNLP launcher like OpenJNLP installed you can download, install, and play with one click:

Click the Colossus marker icon to play the Java Web Start version.

The "client mode" can now be selected at startup!


NEW!!! - If you like the Robo Rally© board game then go here to check out a working JAVA version Called Bots 'n Scouts.

Colossus New Release on Apr 04, 2012

Please click on the Game Faq's link on the menu to get step by step instructions for running the networking version ...

Most Recent Changes:

  • 04/08/2012 - r5178 New Public Test Build - Spectator Improvements
  • 03/30/2012 - r5172 Public Test Build - Spectator Feature Added
  • 03/14/2012 - v 0.13.2 removes "Disconnect" Menu Item

Click Here for the official release information and documentation.

Original Titan Game Information

Avalon Hill?
Avalon Hill has been purchased and is currently owned by Hasbro. Titan is currently out of print and is a very rare and hard to find board game for purchasing purposes. No further information is available about future production of the older Avalon Hill games by Hasbro.


Game Description:
Titan™ is a 2 to 6 player boardgame produced by The Avalon Hill Game Company. The game consists of two levels of play. Players move legions on one large map recruiting minions to fight with. When two opposing legions meet on this board the battle is fought out on a Battle Board representing the type of terrain the legions were in on the main board. Each player is represented by a special character (the players alter ego) which is the Titan marker. When that character is killed the player is eliminated. Play continues until only one or zero players are left.

For more information about how to play Titan™, and the finer points of the "Titan™ Law" (rules) and "Titan Errata" (rules updates) please visit Bruno Wolff's Titan Site.



Original "LAW OF TITAN" (Rules) Archive (1.6 MB) in PDF format
The Titan Rules .pdf file was requested by a current owner of the original game for archival purposes .... you must own a copy of the game to download the .pdf file. If you do not own a copy and you download the file you should delete it immediately.

"Badlands" - Battlelands and Rules Archive (2.96 Mb)
Rules info is in .PDF format and all maps are black and white (very clean images). You can print them with your favorite graphics viewing program.


Game Support and Bug Reporting

For general questions, rules errors, suggestions, etc. or if you find any bugs that you think the author can fix, please submit them in as much detail as possible. (In particular, include the OS and Java Runtime Environment version.)

The best way to report a bug is via the bug tracker at SourceForge. Go to Colossus Bug Tracker to review current bugs or submit a new one.


Legal Stuff: The names and titles of Titan, Avalon Hill, and Hasbro are copyrighted and trademarked to their respective owners and are in no way affiliated with this website. If you have any problems with information contained on this website please email Jerry Reiger at spectre-x@rocketmail.com. The programers of Colossus are in no way responsible for the "Titan" images and "Titan Archive Files" contained on this website.

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